GrassrootsPB Help

Playing and Game Features

Calls are logged automatically as long as you are calling for one of our featured candidates, logged into GrassrootsPB, and have the Chrome extension or Firefox addon (which must be installed before logging into any calling service). So go ahead and make some calls! If you're interested in the many other features offered by GrassrootsPB, keep reading. If something isn't working, contact us.

Your Profile

You can visit your profile via the top bar when you're logged in (just click on your avatar). All profiles include your current rank, the number of calls you've made, your team (if any), your full name (if provided), and your description. You can also set an avatar, which will be resized to 160px x 160px. Lastly, under your profile settings (on your profile page), you can change your password.

Your Team

If you don't have a team, you can create one through the menu. If you're a member of a team, you can visit your team page through the menu. If you own a team, you can use the owner interface on your team page to invite members, remove members, edit metadata, transfer ownership, or disband your team. Owners can also invite users (who are not a part of a team) by visiting those users' profiles.

The Leaderboards

The leaderboards display the top 250 users and the top 100 teams, by calls made. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top?

Ranks and Achievements

As you pass certain total call thresholds, you unlock new ranks. With each rank unlock, you get a shiny new rank badge in the bottom right corner of your avatar!

The current rank unlock thresholds are:

Rank Badge Calls Required
Civilian 0
Volunteer 1
Activist 15
Community Organizer 30
Councillor 75
State Representative 150
State Senator 250
Mayor 500
Governor 1000
US Representative 2000
US Senator 4000
Vice President 6500
President 10000

Achievements, in a slightly different vein, are rewarded for feats requiring notable dedication and effort. These appear as special badges on your user profile page. Some are harder to earn than others!

The achievements that have been implemented so far are:

Title Badge Awarded...
Not Me, US! for contributing at least 5 calls towards the daily total on a day when the daily call goal was broken
Smorgasbord for meeting your personal daily call goal for all candidates and issues
MVC for being at the top of the daily users leaderboard at the end of the day
The Revolution Doesn't Sleep for being 2nd place on the daily users leaderboard at the end of the day
Woke AF for being 3rd place on the daily users leaderboard at the end of the day
All In for being at the top of the weekly users leaderboard at the end of the week
Whisper Of A Dream for making 5 calls in a day
Everybody Gets A Blister for making 50 calls in a day
Do Not Go Gentle for making 100 calls in a day
Now Let Us Fight To Fulfill That Promise for making 150 calls in a day
Beneath This Mask There Is More Than Flesh for making 200 calls in a day
Upon All The Apparatus for making 250 calls in a day
Rendezvous With Destiny for making 300 calls in a day
We Have To Touch People for making 400 calls in a day
You Become Something Else Entirely for making 500 calls in a day
Hot Streak - 3 Days for completing a 3-day calling streak
Hot Streak - 5 Days for completing a 5-day calling streak
Hot Streak - 7 Days for completing a 7-day calling streak
Hot Streak - 14 Days for completing a 14-day calling streak
Hot Streak - 21 Days for completing a 21-day calling streak
Hot Streak - 28 Days for completing a 28-day calling streak
Hot Streak - 35 Days for completing a 35-day calling streak
Hot Streak - 42 Days for completing a 42-day calling streak
Hot Streak - 50 Days for completing a 50-day calling streak
Hot Streak - 60 Days for completing a 60-day calling streak

In addition, a team you are a part of can also earn achievements. The team achievements implemented so far are:

Title Badge Awarded...
All For #1 And #1 For All for being at the top of the daily team leaderboard at the end of the day
Pretend This Grain Is A Puny Little Ant... for being 2nd place on the daily team leaderboard at the end of the day
Initiate Megazord Sequence! for being 3rd place on the daily team leaderboard at the end of the day

The Live Map

As you "save" the responses to your calls, the live map on the home page is updated. Calls show up visually as an arc extending from your ZIP code (set up during signup) to your callee's location (which is often approximate, based on an area code or ZIP if provided).

Real-time Notifications

Notifications are sent to you in real time as you unlock new ranks, get invited to teams, get accepted to teams, etc. You can catch up on all of your unread notifications on your notifications page.